The Group Theater is our inspiration. That legendary company from the 1930s gave new meaning to the concept of political theater when they produced Clifford Odet’s WAITING FOR LEFTY and AWAKE AND SING. We aim to bring that same energy to a new generation of theatergoers, by fostering drama geared toward social justice.


Teaser for At the River I Stand which streamed June 19-21, 2020.

In support of those on the front lines of our current fight against the institutions erected from the legacy of slavery, Open City hosted a virtual reading of a new musical in development called ‘At the River I Stand’.

Using the backdrop of life in Memphis on April 4 1968, ‘At the River I Stand’ follows an effeminate bandleader who travels to Memphis with an eclectic group of Negro musicians hellbent on producing a benefit concert in the midst of a racially charged labor dispute.

Due to the musical’s themes evoking the climate of what is happening in our society today, attendees and supporters researched and donateed to organizations essential to the ongoing fight for systemic change. Our reading served as a fundraiser for three advocacy groups in particular, People’s City Freedom FundBlack Lives Matter LA, and National Bail Out.

Check out the trailer for Cedar Riverside above!

Open City’s inaugural event was a site specific reading of CEDAR RIVERSIDE, a play about a Neighborhood Council. Written by Mike Batistick and Directed by Victor Villar-Hauser.

Featuring (in order of appearance): Michael Imperioli, Nicole Lewis, Jaquita Ta’le, Tara Karsian, Hope Lauren, Katy Sullivan, Sam Bullington, Wade Allain-Marcus, Juan Francisco Villa, Gerard Joseph, Chad Coe, Krystal Johnson, Ben Crowley, Clint Jordan, Meredith Bishop, Andrew Burlinson, and Megan Littler.

Casting by Nicole Arbusto. Produced by Alani iLongwe. 

Cedar Riverside was filmed in front of a live audience and is now available for STREAMING.


At this time, we are seeking additions to our company.

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